About This Blog

I feel, it is time to share the knowledge and my experience with others. And this is the reason why I started  this blog. Please keep in mind that this blog is meant to be for both junior as well as senior tester specialists. Depth of each article will be set accordingly.

In next few weeks, I will also add a section with some templates that are working for me and I hope they may also work for you. You can also help to build the success of these pages by reviewing, commenting and asking a questions. I will be more than grateful. 

I would like to keep these blog pages clean and easy to navigate. That’s why you will never see marketing banners here. In case you will subscribe for email notification, it will never be used for marketing purposes. It will not spam you more than needed. I will not send email notification more than once a month. 

About Myself

My name is Tomáš and I am a professional tester since 2004. During those years, I had a chances and opportunities to work on very small but also very big assignments, in my home land Slovakia but also abroad, on the client site as well as a supplier, from the very junior testing roles to a very senior test manager roles on big implementation programs and projects.

I was lucky from the very beginning of my professional career. I had some great colleagues that formed my understanding of IT and Testing. But as I said there is always something to learn. I found a lot of new inspiration and great mentors even in my last assignment. Thank you all for that, you know who 🙂

All important about my career is in my Linked In profile:


Currently working at Krone Consulting Services 

Thank you